The Less Popular Varieties of Motocross Racing

Ken West/ November 13, 2017/ Financial Aspect

One thing that the motocross enthusiasts should have in mind is that there are different varieties of motocross, both popular and less popular. The popular varieties are freestyle, enduro, and Supermoto and we will have a look at the less popular varieties below:

Trials Motocross

Trials motocross is a straightforward time trial race where the riders race on dirt tracks and are timed. Thus, instead of jumps and tricks, the bikers need to have their focus on beating the best time or getting the best time.


Supercross is a motocross event that takes place in a huge stadium, arena or fairground featuring a temporary or artificial dirt track. The dirt track in this form of motocross racing consists of obstacles as well as jumps. In this type of motocross racing, high-performance motorcycles specifically outfitted and designed for handling sharp turns and high jumps are used.

Hill Climb

As is suggested by the name, the bikers in this motocross event need to ride up a hill and try getting the fastest time. This type of motocross racing is also known as hill climbing.…